December - Joker is Wild Things!

Fresh on the heels of November's acorns, the most popular Round Up of foraged ingredients yet, welcome to Wild Things in December! Wild Things is a foraging recipe challenge. It is meant to inspire both the experienced wildercrafter and the newb to get out there, collect delicious wild edibles, and cook with them.

In an effort to get everyone out there participating, December is a wild card at Wild Things.  You get to share your favorite recipe of the year 2011 made with foraged foods.  Anything goes, just share what you loved best.  Please send your entry to by the end of the month (but earlier is better, please).  Pull from your archives, pull from your cookbooks, pull from your experience and your love of foraged foods.  Let's inspire others to look beyond the grocery store, to tap into primal urges, to look into their backyards, their neighborhoods, their cities, their fields, their meadows, their forests, and cook with what is already growing there, wild and weedy and delicious!

If you have cooked with a foraged food this year, you are absolutely invited to join in on the fun.  Don't be shy!  All recipes are welcome, from the basic to modern cuisine.  This month is a celebration, and you are the honored guest.

In case you missed it, please send your favorite recipe made from a foraged ingredient in the year 2011 to .  Thank you!


  1. Girl, I know you came up with a whole truckload of recipes this year, but I'd be interested to find out which one you think is the very best.


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