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Potato Flake Gnocchi with Foraged Flavors

I'm that person who has always made heavy stodgy overworked gnocchi. I'm a pretty good cook, but they were a fail for me every time. Last month, I discovered that potato flakes made the perfect binder in my acorn "meatballs" recipe. I was a little surprised by that, to be honest. Afterward, I was left with an entire bag of potato flakes, so I needed to find another recipe to utilize them. All of the best internet searches led me to gnocchi made with potato flakes. I gave it a go. For the first time ever, I managed to pull off gnocchi that were light as air. Even better, they came together in minutes. I was sold, especially knowing gnocchi pair well with wild flavors, as my best foraging buddy Wild Food Girl has been doing for years.

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