Shaved Wild Asparagus Salad

Don't make the mistake of thinking that the only service that I provide you, my dear reader, is a arsenal of recipes to make with foraged goodies.  Oh no.  I'm serving the great good here.  Take, for example, this helpful chart that I'm providing free of charge.

How to Judge the Value of Your Friendship with a Forager

Near stranger - she will deny being a forager
Acquaintence - forager will share dandelion spots with you
Casual friend - forager will share dock spots with you
Buddy - forager will share wild oregano spots with you
Friend - forager will share fruit spots with you
BFFL - forager will share asparagus spots with you
Hot sex or good amounts of money involved - forager will share mushroom spots with you


If you are lucky enough to have a best friend for life (BFFL), then perhaps you could make this salad.  A student in one of my classes recently explained that restaurants only shave ingredients when they are highly prized and/or rare.

Shaved Wild Asparagus Salad

1.  Use a vegetable peeler to shave as many raw asparagus spears as you have patience to process.  I like to make this recipe with the bottom halves of longer spears, which can be a little woody on the outside, but are usually quite tender on the inside, particularly when sliced so thinly.

2.  Dress the asparagus with freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a drizzle of good olive oil.

3.  Decorate the shaved asparagus salad with some curls of a hard cheese like Pecorino Romano.  

4.  Finish the salad by dropping a few grains of your favorite salt on top of the tender asparagus.  Here, I've used a black Hawaiian salt.


Don't forget to send your own favorite wild asparagus recipes to before the end of the month of May.

I'm sharing this post with Real Food Wednesday.  Time to get real, y'all!


  1. 1. This post is perfect.
    2. How do you say so much in so little space. I need lessons.
    3. I wish I knew of some wild asparagus spots so that I could make this. Am going to cheat and use the ones from my garden :).

  2. 1. Mercy buccups, ma love.
    2. Economy is the gift of the lazy.
    3. All spare geese are good. Preference given to wild spare geese, but those grown in the garden of wild women are also wild by association.

  3. Good to know where I stand...

  4. Ha ha ha ha ... well, so, I see you think of me as a BFFL but I don't remember giving you any sex or money for your mushroom spot! Maybe the rules are different when the forager friend lives far enough away that she is unlikely to raid said spot?? Oh, BTW, forget to tell you... I found some asparagus! Just a little, almost too old, but it's something at least;)


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