Smoked Salt and Pepper

To kick off smoke month at the Wild Things foraging recipe challenge, I'm going to give you a very simple tip regarding how to add flavor to wild foods.  You don't necessarily have to worry about setting up elaborate hot or cold smoking operations to add smoke flavor to your favorite wild foods.  You don't even need to grill or barbeque.  Sometimes, all you need is to have smoked salt and smoked pepper in your arsenal.

Wild foods are often best prepared simply, so as to let their unique flavors sparkle.  A bare dusting of smoked salt, or smoked pepper if you aren't looking to add additional salt, can elevate wild-caught fish, game meats, foraged vegetables, and even feral fruit, from tasty to sublime.  The trick in using smoked salt and smoked pepper is to use a light hand when seasoning, so that your dish hints at being haunted by fire.  Use too much, and you risk having your food taste as if you actually dropped it into the campfire ashes.


Wild Things is a challenge, and you are invited to participate!  For the month of February, use a wild wood or plant to add smoky flavor to food.  Alternately, use smoke to cook forage or game.  Recipes for wildcrafted medicinal smokes and incense are also welcome.  To join in the reindeer games, just send your link or typed recipe to by the end of the month (but sooner is always nice).  Both new and archived posts are welcome.

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