Top Recipes on Hunger and Thirst 2010

Being a forager, a lot of unusual ingredients pass through my kitchen. But instead of scouring cookbooks or the internet for how to use them, I usually prefer to free-flow when it comes to recipes.  I take a look at what I already have on hand in the pantry or freezer, and combine those ingredients with the forage in whatever way strikes my fancy. Not only is this way of cooking very freeing and a lot of fun, but it's practical and economical, too. And you know what? The resulting dishes are almost always amazing! Here are some of my favorite recipes from the last year.

Dove Saltimbocca Bites* - Tasty bites of dove paired with apple and sage, and enrobed with prosciutto.
Garlic Ginger Roadkill* - Deer or elk fried up with a sticky crust of spicy garlic and ginger.
*if you don't have dove or roadkill, these recipes work well with chicken and beef.

Parsnip Confetti - All you need to create this irresistible finger food are parsnips and a veggie peeler.
Pumpkin Black Walnut Soup - Simple and elegant, and bursting with the unique flavor of black walnuts.

Ground Cherry Guajillo Chile Jam - Sweet, tart, and spicy all at once, and gorgeous in the jar, too.
Apricot Caper Jam - A real surprise to the taste buds.


  1. I really love the way you cook and the intuitive nature of all the recipes. Listening to the voices of the ingredients and knowing how to combine them for wonderful meals is so much fun! I especially love that you have found much of the food yourself! All the best for a happy new year and many more wonderful found foods! hugs! Alex

  2. It really is fun, isn't it? I love the creative process, and exploring the possibilities with the foods at hand. Cooking has become such a joyful artisic thing for me, like a kid on a playground making fantastic pictures with just a little imagination and chalk.

  3. I have to admit girlfriend that I am a bit envious of your ability to "go with the flow" and cook from the hip. I do it to but it is a crap shoot as to whether anyone is going to like it or not. ;o)

  4. Christy - I have better odds because I generally have fewer people to cook for than you do ;)


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