Organic Plant Fertilizer - Corpse Tea

This is my favorite fertilizer for the garden. I used it on my beans last year, and they grew the biggest leaves I've seen on bean plants, not to mention tons of tasty beans. To a half-gallon of water, add two spoonfuls of fish meal (last year I used a commercial fish meal, this year I'm using dried ground trout carcasses), two spoonfuls of kelp, and one handful of compost. Loosely cover, and let the mixture sit for 2-3 days*, or until the bubbling settles down. You can dilute this tea in water, but I usually just put it in my watering can undiluted, and make sure all the plants in my garden get a little dribble.

*Don't make the same mistake I did the first time and brew this in your kitchen, or you'll find out how it got it's name.


  1. I'm making comfrey tea for my garden but want to try something with kelp/fish/mineral powder too. My garden soil has tons of great compost in it but I am worried about minerals. Maybe I'll try this recipe.

  2. I've never heard of using comfrey tea. I had to look it up. Now I've just gotta poke around and see if it grows wild here. How long do you lets yours brew?


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