Elderflower Lassi

Meals lately have revolved around one theme - refreshment. Most of the last two months have been consumed by mushroom hunting. Though my love of mushrooming exceeds that of most every other activity, it's left me a tad worn out, a feeling that is intensified by returning home to the heat of the city. Nearing the end of summer, it's that time when even a forager is tempted to survive on cherry tomatoes and slices of cucumber alone. If I had the spare time and ice cream maker, I know I'd also make many of my meals entirely of elderflower buttermilk sherbet. Even without the ice cream maker and free time, I've managed to satisfy my craving for that collision of sourness and delicate elderflower cordial by making a lassi.

Before attempting this recipe, I checked in with my Indian friend to make certain I knew exactly what makes a drink a lassi. She enlightened me, "It's simply water and yogurt, either made sweet or salty. The additions are to your fancy." Easy enough, and so many more possibilities than the cloying mango lassi that appears in American Indian restaurants. I'm really quite fond of the elderflower lassi, and find it to be the perfect snack upon returning from a long day of mushrooming. As the days start to fade and my foraging becomes less demanding, I know I'll still have an occasional lassi to call to mind the gauzy incandescence of early summer, the time of elderflowers.

Elderflower Lassi

1/2 c. full-fat yogurt
1/4 c. very cold water
2 Tbsp. elderflower cordial
a few grain of salt

Combine all of the ingredients in a tall glass, and vigorously swirl them together with a spoon. One could surely achieve a nicer texture by using a blender, but I find that dirtying another tool detracts from my pleasure of the drink. Enjoy straight away.


  1. Oh, this is a nice idea. How did I miss this post? Thanks for the idea:)

  2. What a creative idea, to use the Elder flowers. I agree, it would be a wonderful drink to enjoy on a hot day.


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