Rocky Mountain Porcini: All Hail the King

I had thought that hunting for Rocky Mountain Boletus rubriceps, also known as king boletes or porcini, was my favorite activity. Turns out that watching my friends discover wild Rocky Mountain porcini mushrooms for the first time added an unexpected level of joy to mushrooming.

I started searching for them two weeks ago.  After this summer's drought, I wasn't sure if the kings would flush.  These pictures document my first Rocky Mountain Boletus rubriceps haul of 2012.

The first Rocky Mountain King of 2012
A porcini in hand is worth...?
Rocky Mountain Boletus Rubriceps pair
You can't imagine this smell, you must experience it

Both of my buddies had their DSLRs in tow, and took lots of pictures. If you'd like to see more mushroom love, please visit Jen's site to see more photos from the trail, and Kat's site to see how we celebrated our big day of porcini hunting.


  1. Gawd they're stunning- these look like total Disney cartoon pictures; absolutely perfect fairy tale mushrooms :).

  2. Whoa. Just whoa! How many did you get?


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