Wild Things in January - Alcohol

Pop a cork and join in the fun! This month for the Wild Things foraging recipe challenge, instead of highlighting one plant, I'll be featuring a medium.  In my neck of the woods, January means slim pickings in the foraging department.  There has been snow on the ground here for two full months.  Even if I were to pick a specific plant for the round up this month, I'm not certain as to how widely available it would be.

So this month will be another wild card, of sorts.  I'd love for you to submit your best recipes combining wild plants and alcohol.  In addition to seeing recipes for infused alcohol, beer, wines, and meads intended for food and drinks, I'd really like to encourage the herbalist community to share their best formulas for tinctures and elixirs.

If you are unfamiliar with the Wild Things Round Up, please read the introduction and guidelines for participation.  All wildcrafters are invited to play along, whether you are a pro or simply enjoy using the weeds that grow in your yard or local park.  Wild Things is meant to inspire people to learn how to utilize and enjoy wild plants.  You've until the end of the month to submit your recipe or link to wildthings.roundup@gmail.com

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you've got this month.  Have fun with this one!



    *happy dance*

  2. Sort of wide open, right Beks? When I first started out, I turned everything into jam or syrup. Now I manage to sink every herb, every fruit into booze. But darn! I've got a pantry full of crazy good food, and enough medicine to cure an army. You've seen it!

  3. I should be able to come up with something...

  4. Just discovered your blog...I have a lot of reading to do.
    Thank you so much for sharring all this info with us.
    I am in Quebec and right now foraging is out of the question but cooking and brewing is exactly what I am doing..I am getting ready to start a Crabapple wine in in mid Jan. I coould share the recipe if any are interested.
    Again Thank you so much for sharring....It makes winter seems shorter...

  5. Joseph, you kidding me? I would flip out with delight if you'd share your recipe. You can send it to wildthings.roundup@gmail.com :D


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