Dandelion Green Soup with Roasted Garlic and Parmesan

Holy cow, the dandelion greens are especially nice this year.  I've been able to find endless bunches that are long and tender and not hideously bitter.  This means good things for my kitchen.  Some of the early spring greens that I utilize, like dock, are meaty and substantial but lack a little of the punch of dandelion.  I really enjoy the fact that dandelion greens stand up well to stronger flavor pairings.

This soup came about as most recipes do in my kitchen.  It's a mashup of what I had on hand.  If you've already got the ingredients around, like the roasted garlic and chicken broth, then the soup comes together very quickly and with little effort.  I've gotta tell you, this one tastes like something that should be served in a fancy resto.  But it's equally nice enjoyed at home, perhaps outside while enjoy the first warm rays of spring.

Dandelion Green Soup with Roasted Garlic and Parmesan

Fill a pan with homemade chicken broth (yes, really, homemade).  Add the mushed up cloves from a full head of roasted garlic (more if you please), and a parmesan rind (I know you've got one kicking around the back of your fridge, too).  Let this combination simmer gently for half and hour to infuse the broth with flavor.

If your dandelion greens are bitter, you may want to boil them for a few minutes before adding them to the soup.  Otherwise, chop up the leaves from 4-5 good-sized dandelion plants, and add them to the garlic-parmesan broth.  Stir until wilted, then serve steaming hot.

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