Wild Things in February Round Up - Rose Hips

The Wild Things Round Up was created as a celebration of the magic and power of wild edibles.  As your hosts, Bek of Cauldrons and Crockpots and Butterpoweredbike of Hunger and Thirst, we want to share our own delight at walking on the wild side, in creating inexpensive and effective herbal medicines, and nourishing and tasty meals, all with the wild herbs that we find within striking distance of home - regardless of whether we are country mice or city mice.

So, in February, we sent out the invitation to share ideas for rose hips, which are best after a freeze, and can be harvested from the bush even in the dead of winter.  Here is the Wild Things Round Up of everyone's fantastic rose hip recipes.

Alex of  A Moderate Life from Long Island, New York harvested plump, juicy rose hips from near the ocean, and created a  Rose Hip Syrup  to be used as a source of vitamin C and as an herbal remedy.


Penny of the blog Penniless Parenting, who lives outside the US, and is an avid forager got creative and tempered the taste of myrtle berries by adding rose hips in her Myrtle Berry and Rose Hip Candies.


Bek of Cauldrons and Crockpots, who lived in L.A., kicked off the month with Rose Hip Syrup, which can be used as the basis for many recipes.


Bek used her rose hip syrup to make a creamy Rose Hip Pannacotta.  Don't tell your guests how easy this recipe was to make.


While traveling in India, Bek was inspired by the frugal nature of the Indian people to create a lovely Rose Hip and Orange Face Scrub.


Butterpoweredbike of Hunger and Thirst, who hails from the Rockies, is known for her love of savory foods and immediately thought to use rose hip syrup to create  Pork with Sweet and Sour Rose Hip Sauce.


Butterpoweredbike was inspired by a trip to a specialty cheese shop and a chance viewing of quince paste to create Rose Hip Gelee.


Butterpoweredbike paired mild rose hips with fiery chiles and cashews in her Shrimp with Spicy Rose Hip Cashew Sauce.

Thanks to everyone who was inspired by and participated in the Wild Things Round Up.  See you next month.

I'm sharing all of the Wild Things Round Up goodies with the Hearth and Soul hop.


  1. Ooo yay! I'm so excited to have been able to participate!

  2. Wahoooo! What a great start we have made, Butterlove. And now I'm sick of rosehips and ready to move on to something else :).

  3. Wow these recipes are fantastic! What a variety of delicious ways to use wild rosehips. I should have gotten involved as I have a nice apple and rosehip jam recipe as well as my grandma's old recipe of Swedish rosehip soup. I wasn't able to forage any rosehips this year although I did the year before. Unfortunately I burnt them all straight away and that took the steam out of my sails last year. I still am looking for a really good place to forage them as the good fat ones seem to be too near busy highways or in city gardens where I am sure they are sprayed with some kind of chemicals. But they are so full of vitamin C and bioflavonoids and available all over the world. I love this idea -- great way to get more people foraging!

  4. What a great round up! I'm intrigued by the creative uses of rose hip... especially by the facial scrub. Will have to try!

  5. Awesome round-up Butter! I can't believe I missed seeing your sweet and sour pork recipe! Btw...I'm not even a little bit scared to try that facial scrub either...:)

    Thanks for posting and hosting with the hearth and soul hop.

  6. I really wanted to try making rosehip something but I searched and searched and could not find any around where I live! snif! I really hope I'll be able to participate in the next round up! you guys have made it look like so much fun!

  7. Foraging is so much fun. I'm looking forward to joining in with some foraging tales of my own. We have an heirloom rose that gets the large, fat hips like you show here but it's just small so I only get about a dozen. What's coming up next month?

  8. Wow! what a great roundup butter! thanks so much for sharing my rose hip syrup. I passed by that location just the other day and it made me feel so good to "know" where I will find my rose hips next year! I am excited to see what the next challenge is so I can get working on it! Thanks as always for hosting and posting on the hearth and soul hop! hugs! Alex

  9. Ever since we moved to Orange County, I am so lost! Everything is so urban that I have no idea where to start foraging. But give me time, I'll find me some wild spots.
    I love rose hips! My Aunt in Serbia makes the most beautiful smooth jam that my girls adore. It is pretty complicated to make, but I usually bring a couple of jars whenever I travel.
    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas, as I can live vicariously through you:)

  10. Such cool things! I really wish I'd been able to find some rosehips. So inspiring =)

  11. What an amazing post - I love all these wonderful ideas for rose hips. They are so good for you and these are such creative (and many sound very delicious!) ideas.

  12. I join the "unable to secure unsprayed rosehips" crowd. I truly tried - I guess I need to plant some bushes myself so I can make some of these delicious recipes. (I even had a dream about foraging the rosehips -does that count??) I am so glad you linked this to the Hearth and Soul Hop! Can't wait to find out what the next wild thing will be and crossing my fingers that I can find some!

  13. Jason - if you use the facial scrub, I want to see a picture ;)

    No, seriously.


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