Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Me

Here are a few more cycling pictures for those of you who requested them. I was going to include one of me decked out in my winter gear, but the nerd factor was just too high. I had rather hoped that I looked like a bike ninja in my balaclava, but sadly, that's not the case. Consider my fantasy of looking fabulously sporty officially put to rest.

I didn't see the temperature get above 7 degrees (F) today. It was definitely chilly, but still, I couldn't escape the itch to get outside and have a little adventure. If there were a bit more accumulation, I'd break out the cross country skis. But the weeds are still poking through the snow, so biking it is.

The sun glancing over the horizon at a low angle, everything is so quiet, so still. Even in the middle of the city, it feels a little lonely. Mostly I hear the crunch of snow beneath my tires, and the sound of the cold air grating across my lungs.

The last few days, I've encountered a new obstacle (aside from snotsicles). The fresh layer of snow looks deceptively inviting, but underneath lurks a crusty frozen layer of muck, which reaches out and pulls at my tires. In order to avoid some of this on the trails, I broke into the open fields, and tooled around there. It wasn't too different from skiing, actually, with prairie dog hill moguls.

I'd really like to encourage anyone who loves cycling but thinks it's not possible to ride in the snow to give it a try (oh my dear neighbor and summer riding buddy, I'm talking to you). I'm the kid who got picked last in gym class. If I were in a gym class today, I'd probably still get picked last. If I can ride in the snow, I'd think most anyone can.

Winter cycling holds all the same appeal to me as summer cycling. It's the best way I know to adjust my attitude. But really, it's just plain fun; I wouldn't go out otherwise. As I mush down the trail, I find myself making that nervous giggle which is equal parts "weeeee, this is fun!" and "uh-oh, I think I'm gonna crash." And when I get home, I can't wipe the smile off of my face.


  1. Elizabeth (age 5) says: you should use a sled so the weeds don't hurt you.

  2. That's a great idea, Elizabeth! It's still snowing today. It might the perfect day to go sledding :)


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